Who we are

Our goal at Frites Atelier Amsterdam is to make delicious frites available to everyone. To achieve this goal, we collaborated with acclaimed chef Sergio Herman. After eighteen months of potato-tasting, fryer-testing, and venue-spotting, we opened our first aterlier in The Hague, Utrecht, Arnhem, and Antwerp.

Our roots

Frites Atelier Amsterdam was born out of a love for frites. However, we felt the chip-eating experience left much to be desired, so we decided to launch our own concept. We couldn't think of anything better than pairing a guilty pleasure with a beautiful location.

Our name

We came up with the idea for our atelier, Frites Atelier, in Amsterdam – hence the name. Amsterdam is also the location of our flagship store, which will open later this year. Add to that our international ambition of introducing a traditional Dutch delicacy to the international community, and our concept was born.

Sergio Herman

Top chef Sergio Herman cooked for twenty-five years in family restaurant Oud Sluis in Sluis in Zeeland. Since 2005 Sergio is in the possession of three Michelin stars and he was in the Top 50 of The World's 50 Best Restaurants for eight year. Despite this success, he decided to close the doors of Oud Sluis in December 2013 in order to focus on new projects. In addition to The Jane** in Antwerp, Pure C* and AIRrepublic in Cadzand and of course Frites Atelier, these include various book projects, TV, work for the Belgian broadcasting channel VTM and his own tableware collection for Serax.

Sergio is known for his endless drive and perfectionism. Everything has to be ‘fucking perfect’ with him. It is for good reason that he experimented over one and a half year with the recipe of our fries, toppings and our fresh sauces.

Piet Boon ®

Because we believe that frites deserve a unique surrounding, all our Ateliers are co-designed by Studio Piet Boon. The idea behind Piet’s concept is to give our Ateliers the look of an old-fashioned French-Amsterdam brasserie and put our heroes, our frites, on a pedestal.


Natural Tableware

We attach great importance to the origin, quality, and sustainability of our products, which is why we chose to partner with Natural Tableware. The company has collaborated with Sergio for years because of the sustainable nature and aesthetic quality of the products. Our sachets, bags, and trays are made from sustainable FSC-certified paper and are 100% compostable. We are committed to using beautiful, clean, and practical materials, both now and in the future.

Artists in residence

In addition to chips, we also have a passion for fashion, art, and design. We therefore work in close collaboration with several artists and designers, who custom-make everything in our Ateliers. Our friend Kamagurka drew the comics on our napkins, Frederik Molenschot provided us with stunning and high-quality stoves, our beats are mixed by Maxim Lany and Cor Unum made the ceramic pots for our sauces. In addition to being a great place to enjoy chips, we also want to become a platform for talent, which is why we chose the word atelier or 'studio' as our name.

Our Venues

The Hague

Venestraat 7
2511 AR The Hague

Opening hours:
Daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
To accommodate the late-night shop hours on Thursdays, our location in The Hague is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Steenweg 56
3511 JS Utrecht

Opening hours:
Daily from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.
To accommodate the late-night shop hours on Thursdays, our location in Utrecht is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Amsterdam (coming soon)


Vijzelstraat 16
6811 ET Arnhem

Opening hours:

Monday: 12.00 - 19.00
Tuesday: 11.00 - 20.00
Wednesday: 11.00 - 20.00
Thursday: 11.00 - 22.00
Friday: 11.00 - 20.00
Saturaday: 11.00 - 20.00
Sunday: 12.00 - 19.00


Korte Gasthuisstraat 32
2000 Antwerp

Monday: 11.00 - 21.00
Tuesday: 11.00 - 21.00
Wednesday: 11.00 - 21.00
Thursday: 11.00 - 22.00
Friday: 10.00 - 23.00
Saturaday: 10.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 11.00 - 22.00





Opening Antwerp

Please contact us at press@fritesatelier.com for press-related high quality versions of our photos.

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In order to ensure the freshest ingredients and the best possible experience, we don't offer a delivery service at the moment. If we can guarantee the same high quality at your home, we will definitely consider starting a delivery service in the future.


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